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Should You Write Your Own?

Should You Write Your Own?

First let me introduce myself: I’m Mat Green and I am an expert at writing resumes so that you don’t have to be. I have been able to help a lot of people significantly shorten their job search time – in fact about 95% of people who have used my services have already been hired.

Why is this? Because I know about marketing and that is really what a resume is, a marketing tool. What is the product? You! Would you buy something in a package that just had the name of the product and a list of its ingredients in black and white? You’d be suspicious of the quality, right? Well, that’s how employers feel when they look at a lot of the resumes that come across their desks.

I have been running a professional resume writing service for the past 25 years and was ranked as the #1 resume writing office in the US. The resumes that I help create are truly effective. So much so that I have never had to advertise for business – satisfied customers spread the word. Now I want to help you get yourself back into the job market and land that job and the cost is only $120.

This is a personalized marketing document geared just for you. You can see samples of the work I have done, but all of those examples won’t do what you need them to because they weren’t written for you. The key to what I do is that I create a document that works specifically for you, for whatever you bring to the game.

Ask anybody in HR or who has expertise in headhunting and they will tell you that it’s not the best credentials that necessarily land you the job. Often, the person who is hired is the one that sticks in the mind because of their great resume. Just because you are the best qualified for a job doesn’t mean that the person who is looking through the applicants will notice you. You have to sell yourself to them and your chance to do it is wrapped up in your resume and cover letter.

Over my time as a resume expert, I have seen thousands and thousands of resumes and written thousands more. The need to unlock the marketing potential of your resume is stronger than ever. There are more people competing for fewer jobs and you’d better believe that competition is fierce! With the job market as it is 9 out of 10 job seekers will need help crafting a document that puts them ahead of the other applicants. Don’t get in your own way – ask a professional for help!

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all of your help. After you revamped my resume, I started getting interviews for the first time in months!”
-J.R., Las Vegas, NV

“It is amazing the difference it makes to have my resume organized – nobody wanted to take a second look at the jumble I had made, but yours has gotten me a great job. Thank you so much!”
-M.J., Cincinnati, OH

Still wondering if you should get help? Here are three important reasons why you shouldn’t rely on yourself for this important task:

  1. With advances in technology, your competition has access to higher quality graphics and layouts than ever before. The whiz bang show of fancy graphics and fonts has made it more difficult to make your resume stand out. Free templates look like just that and even premium templates don’t help you navigate through and decide the best way to present your information.
  2. You aren’t a professional in marketing. Even if you are, it’s different trying to market yourself – you’re too close to the product to get an objective view. Either way, resume writing services will help bring your resume up to speed. Marketing is a skill set and most people don’t realize that just saying something in the most direct way possible isn’t always the best way to get the message across. There are all kinds of subtle messages that are sent along with the actual words on your resume and you need help from someone who can harness the power of those unspoken messages for you.
  3. It’s hard to know how to organize your information. After all, this is your life you are trying to get across here, what do you include? What should you leave out? How do you explain a gap in your work history? How do you tell somebody all of the things that you know about that maybe don’t show up in a job description or a degree title? Those are the kinds of things that a professional resume writer has developed an expertise in. Don’t rely on luck or hope that they will come across in an interview – you might never make it that far!
  4. Keywords. Everything runs around keywords these days – especially when you have limited time to grab somebody’s attention. Even more importantly, a lot of resumes are now submitted electronically meaning that no amount of personality will get it in front of a person if it doesn’t have the right keywords for the program that initially reviews it. How do you know all of the variations of a particular area that might trigger the keyword locator? You spend years and years writing resumes – exactly what I have done and what I can put to work for you!

All I need to help get you on the path to full time employment is a phone call or email from you. After a consultation I can take that resume and cover letter that hasn’t been working and turn it into your most powerful advocate.

What are you waiting for? Time is money and the clock is ticking!!